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Attic insulation is the single most important measure to drastically reduce your heating bill and increase comfort in your home.

Imagine your house as a boiling pot of water with no lid on it. Water is boiling but heat is escaping through the top. In order to keep the water boiling, you need to keep the flame on. The same thing happens when your attic is not insulated. The Laws of physics cause heat to rise, and the absence of insulation cannot hold it inside the house, leading to up to 40% of your heating bill being used to heat up the street instead of your home.




Air sealing gaps and holes will reduce cold air drafts.
Openings, gaps and holes around the house let the cold air in and make your home an uncomfortable place to live. All the air leaks around the windows and doors, through the recessed lights and the attic access are cause for high energy bills.




The rim joist is another area of the home that is very problematic. Cold air enters your home through holes and gaps between the foundation and rim joist. Air sealing and insulating the rim joist insulation will stop the cold air infiltration that is coming to the house from its bottom.




The main problem with windows, baseboards and doors is not the material that has been used to make them, but  improper installation. Most of cold air from outside comes into the house through  gaps between the wall opening and the door or window frame. Poor insulation and  the absence of air sealants cause what everybody refers to as drafts




Almost any place where pipes move through your house or in and out of your house, there is a gap that lets cold air in. Insulating and sealing your plumbing penetrations fixes these air leaks and makes your home more comfortable.




Attic access doors/hatches are not insulated nor are they air tight. This lack of insulation and air sealing allows heat to escape up into the attic in the winter and brings hot air into the home in the summer.




One of the major rules that must be followed when insulating the house is for insulation to be continuous. Missing insulation can be as bad as no insulation at all. Voids in insulation dramatically reduce the effectiveness (R-Value) of that insulation. Gaps over just 2% of an insulated surface will reduce the effective R-Value by as much as 50%. Be sure to keep your insulating barrier continuous and contiguous with the living space of your home.

Program for Residents, Tenants and Landlords.


The EmPower program has provided more than 125,000 income-eligible New Yorkers with insulation, draft reduction, high efficiency lighting, or appliance upgrades — for free. New York residents have also learned to reduce their energy bills.

NYS Energy Audits is an approved contractor for Empower New York — we help identify customers who qualify for the program, show them how it works, walk them through the process and once a customer is approved for funding, we make the energy saving improvements to their home.


EmPower for Residents


Now is your chance to take advantage of a FREE program to make energy efficient measures to your home like: insulation, draft reduction, upgrades appliances and lighting – all at no cost to you! If you are income quali/ed you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with keeping more money in your own pocket, to spend on what matters most to you. A home that’s warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.




EmPower NY is available to New York State homeowners or renters with income at or below 60% of the State median income.



EmPower for Landlords


The EmPower program for landlords means fewer headaches and happier more comfortable tenants. As a landlord, you may qualify for energy efficient upgrades to your properties like: insulation, draft reduction, and upgraded appliances and lighting — at little or no charge to you or your tenant. As an approved EmPower New York contractor who is accredited by the Building Performance Institute, we’ll also give you an accurate and up-to-date health and safety check.





First, find out if you are income-eligible. Then, you can choose one of these three ways to apply:



Once you have received your letter of approval, NYSEA will be in touch within a week to schedule an energy assessment of your home and its energy-using systems.

We take a “whole house” approach: look at how your house is heated, how well it keeps the heat in, how electricity is used, and your daily in-home activity. The assessment generally lasts one to three hours and identifies areas where energy efficiency, comfort and safety upgrades can be made.

During the initial visit, we will evaluate your electricity use and cost, and may provide some minor improvements at no cost. Examples include:

  • Install high efficiency lighting as needed

  • Review and adjust your thermostat setting for maximum comfort and savings

  • Check and adjust your hot water temperature

  • Evaluate the need for high efficiency showerheads and aerators, and install if needed

  • Measure the energy use of your refrigerators and freezers. These may be replaced with new ENERGY STAR models, at no cost to you, if your old appliances use a lot of energy

  • Check for carbon monoxide and evaluate the need for CO and smoke detectors

Depending on your energy use, your EmPower New York contractor may also evaluate the need for additional measures to reduce your heating cost.  Examples include:

  • Evaluate your heating system and conduct a combustion efficiency test

  • Inspect the heating distribution system: the ducts or pipes that bring you heat.

  • Assess the insulation levels in the home, which usually involves probing the walls for insulation, inspecting the attic or roof insulation, measuring the home, and ensuring that insulation is in all the right places

  • Measure the air leakage in the home, using a “blower door.” This device helps us determine if the house is drafty, find the leaks, and make sure that the home still has sufficient fresh air after the work is done.

  • Check for gas leaks if natural gas or propane are in use at the dwelling

If the services are approved, we will return to install them at no cost to you.

Once all of the work has been completed, NYSEA will perform final tests to ensure that the energy efficiency measures are performing exactly as they should.

Before, during or after the work, you may be contacted by EmPower Quality Assurance and Quality Control inspectors. These teams work independently from participating contractors to ensure that the measures are installed correctly.