How Do I know If my Home has Enough Insulation?



You might not know this, but, it’s very easy to check your existing insulation level. You can even do it right now! Take a ruler and flashlight and make a trip to your attic. If there’s flooring you may need to pull some it up to see what is underneath or go to a section that does not have flooring.  Between the joists (beam) is where the insulation should be.  Most likely there will be fiberglass (yellow, pink, or white fluffy material) between the joists.  Other common types of insulation are cellulose, mineral wool, and spray foam (see pictures below).  Measure from the floor of the attic to the top of the insulation.  Once you know the material and the depth, reference the chart below to determine what R-Value you have existing in the attic.  A well insulated home in our part of the country will have between R-38 and R-49.  If you have less than that you should consider adding more.

New York Energy Audit